Our Story

Petal was opened April.1,2008 in the beautiful neighborhood of Dilworth in Charlotte North Carolina. What started as an afterthought turned into a reality that has grown into one amazing company that continues to thrive. 
Our owners Love Charlotte and knew that Petal would fit in with the local clientale and shine in Customer Service. Whenever you walk into the store, you always get greeted by one of our amazing staff and that's why we Opened Petal. Everyone should feel like the most "important" person when they are shopping at a boutique and at Petal, we hope you feel like a "Queen." After working hard on the First store, it was time to think "Expansion"!!!! There was nowhere else we would rather be than beautiful Columbia. Nestled between Charlotte and Charleston....Columbia stands out as an amazing business town. There was no question where Petal would go...Of course in 5 points! The beautiful shopping district full of amazing small businesses and a group of owners that live to help each other! 
Our owner, Jammie works hard everyday to make sure that the racks are stocked and all of our customers are Happy. Her retail background goes back 18 years, she has worked for chain stores and small businesses on every aspect. Her passion for people is the force that keeps her going from day to day. She firmly believes that "you are the people that work for you." She only hires the Best associates to work at Petal so that everyone will always feel Loved and want to come back daily. She lives in Charlotte with her family, they truly exude "Small Business." Living day to day working in her store and meeting new people from all walks of life is what she lives for. Why would anyone want to do anything different?
So know that when you are shopping at Petal, that you are truly appreciated and loved. We will always look out for your best interests and take care of you like our own. We want you to "Love" Petal and share it with all of your friends. Shout it from the Rooftops!!! Always "Shop Small" when you can and know that your generosity will never be taken for granted! Come and grow with us and let's make this Brand the best one out there!
 We hope that you love our New website as much as we do!! We have worked so hard over the past few months to make your shopping experience seamless. Please do not hesitate to email us or call and tell us what you think or ways to improve. We love to hear from you!!
Enough talking....let's SHOP!
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